Show me the Munny!

Show me the Munny!

Si vous me cherchez ce soir je serai un desparticipants à l’expo/happening/atelier PaperJam 06, J’aime mon Munny 2.

Si vous savez pas c’est quoi, vous pouvez avoir plus d’infos ici : PaperJam 06 – J’aime mon Munny 2.

Si vous avez réservé, on se vit tantôt.

Si vous avez pas réservé, vous pouvez quand même venir scèner, checker ça, faire un tour, prendre une bière.

Si vous me cherchez pas, ben, c’est ça d’abord.

More Spam poetry

This time it’s visual

More spam poetry

I mean, even if I wanted to, I could not make this shit up.

There is a spammer somewhere that is a closet Dadaist.

Quit the net for a day

One-in-ten admit to spending four hours of their leisure time a day surfing the net, which works out as a staggering 28 hours a week

Twice as many women (36%) as men admitted that internet surfing is leading to relationship breakdown

It’s tomorrow, sunday the 29th. Sorry, won’t be joining in, got a website launch on monday, so.

But you can give it a try, more info here.

Spam poetry

Be fill watch
them dance play
sleep know need
we count allow
night take turnoff
right sleep finish
he sign hear
so explain turnon
someone start go
But stand spend
these cut forget

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Election thoughts

Monday was election day here in Canada. If you’re not from here, you might be thinking «canadian politics. what could be more boring?» and you would be right, in a way. Apart from a little separatist movement in Quebec that has already lost two referendums in the las 25 years, not much excitement in canadian politics.


Concours – update

So that thing in my header. It’s been there a while. And some of you have answered the question. And really, truly I was gonna tell you what it is. But the guy at the Dep says they’re imported and there won’t be any more til the new order arrives, and that can take a MONTH! (oooh, hint, hint, and hint!) So I guess I’ll keep you waiting for a little more.

And a whole pack for the winner!


New Apple ad

Pour souligner le 30e anniversaire du Macintosh, Apple présente une nouvelle pub.

Filmée entièrement avec des iPhones. En une journée, à travers le monde.

Et bien sûr, un Making Of.


Short 12

This is bigger than you and me.

Short 10

Yes, I DO believe that technology WILL save the world. Just not THIS technology.

Short 9

We failed because we tried

Short 8

Are you the frog in the milk or the frog in the boiling water?

Short 7

Common sense is expensive


Rules are like wine glasses. It’s not a party until you break at least one.

Short 6

If you don’t spend yourself once in a while, how are you gonna get change?