Suggested reading

little_brother_cover_small1I’ve just finished reading Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow. Really one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors.

It’s an eye-opening story about taking control of the technology, surveillance, personal freedoms in the post-911 world and, last but not least, teen angst. Made me wish I was 20 years younger. Or that my daughters were 10 years older – so I could make them read it.

I really liked it a lot, and apart from the fact that I can’t stop telling everyone I know about it, it inspired me to make a nice wallpaper image for all the techno-paranoid iPhone owners out there.

this_phone_may_be_tappedSUITE »

Robot life

Ça s’est décidé je ne sais pas trop comment pendant la soirée, mais c’est clair, ma 38e année commence sous le signe des robots.

Voici un robot que vous verrez prochainement dans ma BD Rocket Space Ship. Lui et ses amis ont vraiment hâte de vous raconter leur histoire.

Utopsie 2009 — Long overdue redesign

Well today is my birthday. I’m finally old enough (38) for a mid-life crisis to rear its ugly head at the horizon.

So I thought I would clean house for 2009 and redesign my blog. Well it’s not like I thought that up today, I’ve been working on this — on and off — for a couple of months (mostly off) and now it is finally ready. Mostly. There are still the portfolios «under construction» but I HAD to get something online for the 25th. Done. And you can go check out Rocket Space Ship, the webcomic i’ve been working on since the end of december.

WordPress is a wonderful tool and I’ve gotten very familiar with it, with php, with plugins, etc. It’s a …

Stuff I love and other stuff

Ten Six things I’m in love with right now

I’ve been having an extremely crappy day today, everything irritates me, so I’m trying to hack my mood by thinking hard about ten things I like. That’ll show me!

Took me a while to get into it, probably a question of having the right tool for me. So it wasn’t until I recently installed TwitterFon on my iPhone that I really got into it. At the same time the Twitterfox plugin for Firefox was updated for my FF 3.1 beta 2 , so I strated getting a real deluge of tweets, from everywhere, all the time, yadda yadda yadda, you know how it is. If you don’t, signup for Twitter and follow me. SUITE »

Obsession hivernale

Un truc qui m’obsède complètement de l’hiver, avec ses trottoirs glissants, c’est d’essayer de marcher sur une plaque de glaçe le plus naturellement possible, sans changer mon allure ou ma démarche, sans que ça paraisse que je suis en train de marcher sur un terrain extremement glissant. Dans l’espoir qu’un étourdi qui ne regarde pas ce qui l’entoure et qui me suit se casse la gueule parce que ça paraissait pas qu’il allait mettre le pied sur une plaque de glaçe.


New Apple ad

Pour souligner le 30e anniversaire du Macintosh, Apple présente une nouvelle pub.

Filmée entièrement avec des iPhones. En une journée, à travers le monde.

Et bien sûr, un Making Of.


Short 12

This is bigger than you and me.

Short 10

Yes, I DO believe that technology WILL save the world. Just not THIS technology.

Short 9

We failed because we tried

Short 8

Are you the frog in the milk or the frog in the boiling water?

Short 7

Common sense is expensive


Rules are like wine glasses. It’s not a party until you break at least one.

Short 6

If you don’t spend yourself once in a while, how are you gonna get change?