New! Improved!

So thanks to the power of having both Apple’s OSX AND Windows’ XP on the same machine, I finally managed to get the site looking the same on both platforms.

Yes, if you’re on a PC, you can now see this blog as it was meant to be! Thank you Apple (for the Intel move), thanks Parallels (for the virtualization thing to load XP in just a new window) and for shame, Windows (for you know why). Ok this is starting to feel like an awards show. I’d also like to thank my family…

Gosh, the jumps through hoops you have to do, just to get «simple» CSS to act the same way on IE as on the others! I’m glad I haven’t been coding for this crap in the last couple years. I’m sure I’d be looking a couple years older. And STILL, type just looks bad on that XP window.

So anyways, enjoy it while it lasts, who knows, I might make some changes, sometime?

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