2018, Peak Social Media?

5, 6, 7 years ago, we all jumped collectively into the social media revolution, the new web 2.0 paradigm. We went off the deep end, without looking back. Clicking, poking, sharing, favoriting, tagging, liking, tweeting and retweeting like there was no tomorrow.

We swam and swam, til we lost sight of the shore. Who cares, we thought, this is so much fun, see how many likes I’m getting, I’m going viral!

But ever since then, the water has been slowly heating up, ever so slightly, day after day, poke after poke, tweet after tweet, like after like.

And we seem to be reaching the boiling point: If we don’t get out, there won’t be much left to save.

Online bullying, …

Au pays des aveugles, les fumeurs… n’existent pas

À partir d’aujourd’hui 31 mai, journée internationale des non-fumeurs, le gouvernement local a décidé d’interdire aux commerçants d’afficher les cigarettes «et autres produits du tabac» à la vue des clients. Dans le journal une immense page pubicitaire qui titre «Loin des yeux, loin du coeur, et des poumons, et du pancréas, etc.»

Parce que quand la pièce est plongée dans le noir, il n’y a plus de meubles pour se cogner les orteils dessus. Brought to you par le ministère de la pensée magique.

More info ici.

How to poison your children with common household materials

So you’ve gone through pregnancy without drinking or smoking. You’ve taken your vitamins, gotten adequate sleep, regular exercise. Everything you can do to ensure your little one comes out in the best shape possible. And once it comes out, you breast-feed the little bunch of love, ensuring it has the best possible protection against diseases and is generally well-equipped to handle life outside of your belly.

But, says the concerned modern parent, how will my child ever become a normal, common kid like the others at school, with their allergies, with their wheezing asthma? Won’t she be singled out as a freak?

Worry not, fretful breeder. The easy answer lies not further than the corner Pharmaprix. A British study states the obvious – or at least something …

Sins 2.0 : Welcome to the Social – Seven New Sins

So for all those people that thought they were a-o-k, what with all that generosity and humility and being nice to people, the Vatican has news for you. You ain’t out of the woods yet, pilgrim. Pearly gates will seem like a cruel irony if you forgot to look up the new Seven Social Sins. Notice how the Sins 2.0 are not deadly anymore. Yeah, everybody kinda has it clear that Envy’s not gonna kill you. Okay maybe Sloth, but it takes along time. So what’s the new stuff that’s gonna make you feel extra crappy about just being human and not allowed in Heaven?

Well here they are, the Seven Social Sins.

1. “Bioethical” violations such as birth control

2. “Morally dubious” experiments such as stem cell …