Something in the Air : New Apple products and Steve Jobs Keynote

Macworld Keynote
Come every january, on a certain tuesday in the middle of the month, you’ll find me frantically reloading a bunch of tabs in my browser while actively avoiding answering any email or phone call. On that day is the Macworld Keynote with Steve Jobs, and the whole webisphere is frantically speculating, rumoring, commenting the rumors, and generally freaking out about whatever Steve is going to present. The very strict secrecy aspect, as much as the jaw-dropping amazingness of the products he tends to announce has everybody paying attention. The iPhone, the iMac, theMac Mini, the PowerBook G4, etc. Most of the attention-getting designs are launched at these keynotes.

So what about this year? How was it?

Well, it sure wasn’t a disappointment. Most of the rumors turned out to be spot-on, the products are really cool, and the livebloggers are getting better and better – although I sure miss the days where it was a live video webcast. So read on to learn what I thought of all the shiny new Apple toys.