Watch This Space : Liveblogging my blog redesign

So for the nth time, I find myself going back to the deck, and have started woking on a redesign of this website. There are countless folders strewn about my hard drives with semi-abandoned versions of the new utopsie that never went very far. utopsie_new_2010utopsie_work_2011utopsie_2012, etc. There are even some that are older than that. But as I once again went back to this neverending task, I just abandoned all those old ideas and decided to start afresh, with a new outlook, and something that was missing from those earlier attempts: A purpose. A genuine reason to do this.

In the following hours, days, weeks, you’ll be able to follow along as I redesign this blog, in public.

I hope to learn a lot, from that works and what doesn’t. And maybe you’ll learn something too along the way. Or teach me something.

Stay tuned.

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