Life lessons : Better already

So you’re having a difficult day (or week or month or year), it happens, shit all around, no end in sight.

Then you chance upon a post like this one: Life lessons, from Andy Rutledge. Uplifting, inspiring, and in the end reassuring, for I think I’ve been living my life that way (or maybe I just want to think that. who knows? maybe we really are all just brains in a vat). Back to the subject tho, I almost felt that this is something I’ll write in the future, after I’ve gone through this shit storm. When it gets better. When I’ve been married for 16 years (right now this is so far in the future. maybe another life) and I’ll send it back to me today so that remember, you know, to just hang in there a little longer.

It gets better.

2 Responses to “Life lessons : Better already”

  1. fran6co

    actually I’m the one that’s locked the door, to follow that analogy.

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