The Official List #002: Things that piss me off

Boy I seem to be awfully pissed off presently. I started this little list and pow! it ballooned into something um, a little embarrassing to tell the truth. Usually I’m a nice guy, really!

People who tell lies

People who lack curiosity

People who cannot and will not admit a mistake

People who are lazy


People who say «Well what can I do, I’m just one person, I can’t change anything»

People who say they will do something and then they don’t do it. Next time just shut up and don’t say it! That way nobody has to know you were planning on doing it but then didn’t!

People whose actions are controlled by their fears

Having to remember a zillion different passwords for each web site and device and service and account and bank card and…

A different memory card format for each device for each company

Copy protection

A different battery format for each device for each company

Having to constantly be recharging all those batteries

A so-called «wireless» computer that still needs a power cord, two USB cables, a speaker cable and sometimes a 2nd monitor cable. But not ethernet, cause it’s… wireless!

Having to get on all fours under a desk to plug and unplug stuff

Advertising – most of it, most of the time

Advertising that encourages the perpetuation of mindless consumerism and wastefulness

Advertising that co-opts ideas like «freedom» and «revolution» to sell products that encourage economic slavery and the status quo

Plastic water bottles that take a minute to drink and will still remain intact in 10 000 years

The ice caps are melting and we’ve been told that they were going to melt for the last 30 years and nobody did anything and now they’re melting and it’s too late

The industrial agricultural businesses that brought us crazy incurable and wildly destructive diseases like the mad cow disease

Pressing the BACK button on this post by mistake and having to write it again and not remembering all the clever stuff I had come up with.

Well, that’ll be enough bad shit for today. Next time I’ll give you a nice list, or a cool list, or a funny list or whatever. It’s not all bad all the time.

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