Conspiracy theory : Is Bin Laden the new Emmanuel Goldstein?

Am I crazy here ?
Hasn’t anyone ever read 1984?
Is this not obvious to everybody?
What? Hell-OOO!!!

Bin Laden, the invisible “Terrorist”, against which any and every measure is taken, at the cost of its eventual victim’s very freedom? The uncatchable evil ghost, forever in the shadows, a hundred years past his natural lifespan. Emmanuel Goldstein? Tell me it doesn’t ring a bell.

They say Orwell only had the dates wrong.

And how about the poor bastard they trotted out of Guantanamo Bay, after some 4 years of «rendering» and special treatments ? From Guantanamo Bay. Where they don’t let you sleep for days in refrigerated cells with no clothes and loud blaring music.

Do you know what stress positions are? What they do to you? Well, in this case it seems they kept at it long enough: This is the guy who plotted it all! He confessed to plotting 9/11, the Shoe Bomber, killing the Pope, and the destruction and bombing of some 20 to 30 buildings, bridges and whatever else.

Those crazy americans seemed SO proud. They had his picture in every paper. Fat guy, with a big fat moustache, hair all messed up, looking pissed. Of course, it was a picture taken when he was arrested. Before those days, nights, weeks, months, YEARS of special treatments. (To be precise, he spent six months in Guantanamo Bay. What? The rest in a schoolyard?) I wonder what he looks like now. Do you think he’s still FAT?

Doesn’t anyone remember room 101?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me paying attention.

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6 Responses to “Conspiracy theory : Is Bin Laden the new Emmanuel Goldstein?”

  1. Gary Edwards

    Yeah I made the same analogy before, it’s hard to get through people’s thick skulls, you tell them the truth and they just call you a conspiracy theorist and continue complaining about everything in the world that they claim to have no power over as usual. I dont know what to do.

  2. I started drawing paralells between Goldstien and Bin Laden years ago. I do beleive he is a media Boogey-man like GoldStein, but there are two major differences;
    1- Bin Laden is real, and is the rallying point for real criminals that want to kill free people everywhere.
    2- We’re not going to get a rat shoved in our face by O Brian in room 101 for discussing Bin Laden in public.
    Remember that sometimes a boot stamping on a face is a good thing.

  3. fran6co

    Hey tim,

    1 – Bin Laden is as real as what they show you on TV. He hasn’t been «seen» for six years. He might as well be dead. And as for those videos ? Thet’re all like 6 years old, and the media always forgets to mention that.

    That last one with the black beard ? How and in what conceivable manner can a vido that’s mostly a still frame with a man’s voice talking be taken seriously ? This is a fallacy that’s only convincing to people whot don’t think.

    The people in alQaeda do not want to «Kill free people», they want to punish an affront. It has nothing to do with freedom.

    2 – Yeah not yet. As of today, we get tasered for being rude in public. Only a matter of time now.

    And that boot thing ? It’s only good when it’s YOUR BOOT and SOMEONE ELSE’S FACE.

  4. Peter

    911 was an inside job.Like the rocket bombs that hit London periodically.Bin Laden is
    indeed Emmannuel Goldstein and Al CIA duh is the fictional Brotherhood.

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