New iPhone wordpress app

So I just got my new iPhone and it comes with all these nice new apps. The one I was most excited about was the WordPress app, which had been announced but not yet released. I was bracing myself for a long wait, but now I don’t have to wait no more, cos a couple minutes ago it just appeared online. Woohoo! In fact I’m using it right now to post this very, uh, post.

It works as expected, although reviewing older posts is a little weird because the images appear as HTML code, and look nothing like images.

Still it’s a thrill to be able to post from virtually anywhere. Even if that thrill is a little dampened by the fact that I’m actually sitting in front of my Mac and it would just be so much easier – and FASTER – to just use a regular keyboard. I’ll just have to get out of the house sometime this week to play with this IRL.

The new keyboard thing is also much easier to use than I expected, and thank Steve for the smart auto-complete features. This is something that I will be enjoying greatly.

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