Utopsie 2009 — Long overdue redesign

Well today is my birthday. I’m finally old enough (38) for a mid-life crisis to rear its ugly head at the horizon.

So I thought I would clean house for 2009 and redesign my blog. Well it’s not like I thought that up today, I’ve been working on this — on and off — for a couple of months (mostly off) and now it is finally ready. Mostly. There are still the portfolios «under construction» but I HAD to get something online for the 25th. Done. And you can go check out Rocket Space Ship, the webcomic i’ve been working on since the end of december.

WordPress is a wonderful tool and I’ve gotten very familiar with it, with php, with plugins, etc. It’s a lot fo fun.

So have a look around, enjoy, kick the tires. Leave a comment. And have a nice day.

I know I will, it’s my birthday.

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