V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

Some of the most powerful ideas I’ve seen in a movie in a long while. Political and shit, the terrorist is the good guy, and the fascist corrupt government that instills fear into its people by faking a terrorist attack in order to wrest control of the population, well, they’re the bad guys. Does any of this sound familiar?

The Wachowski brothers are in fine, fine shape, as if The Matrix II and III had never happened. Yes, technically, it’s another director, James McTeigue, but he was already on the crew of the Matrix trilogy (first assistant director on the Matrix series). So it’s like still the same basic team. Hugo Weaving (remember the scary agent Smith?) is a good actor, able to act and emote through what is seemingly a goofy-looking mask – that is, until he starts killing people with his krazy kung-fu knife movez. Who’s goofy now?

And Natalie Portman proves she can act in this movie (most of the time) which makes up for the action-figure posing she did those Star Wars toy ads. And also… shaved head. Yum.

Also it’s a pure joy to see Stephen Rea, in a wonderful and smart role, which almost makes him the movie’s main character, and finally, for me the bouquet, John Hurt, in a reverse role from 1984’s Winston Smith, becoming Big Brother himself, spending most of the movie screaming at his cronies from a huge video wall close-up. Almost eating their little heads with his giant crooked british video teeth.

Really the brothers are in fine shape, weaving (get it? Hugo?) layers of meaning into what was already a complex story.

I haven’t read the comic, but Alan Moore, who wrote it, thought the movie was such rubbish (he’s british) that he had his name taken form the credits. So at the end the movie actually says «based on a graphic novel illustrated by David Lloyd.» Gee, cinema dude, that’s a lof of mauvaise foi. I’ll read the thing before I make any judgement because shit, if this heavy movie is a washed-oout version af a comic, well I just can’t wait to read the comic.

Also the fight scenes were kick-ass. So go see it now. Go.

Links : Wikipedia, Official movie site, The V for Vendetta Shrine.

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